Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 9 // Fedrigoni // Evaluation

Brief 09: Fedrigoni
As a live brief, I was looking forward to working on a brief that was live and had a real meaning behind it. This brief was for the YCN awards, I had previously completed one last year and really enjoyed the brief, so this time around I have done the same again.

Choosing the brief was easy for me, I chose the Fedrigoni brief as it fits into my ethos and practice the best. As a hand on and craft based brief, this really did suit me as it meant that I could physically create a product, using stock as the main component.

I think the concept of this brief really pushed the whole product, it was based around the idea of matching a colour to each month of the year and creating a rainbow effect with the stock. This emphasised the focus of the brief that was to showcase the full paper range, using each stock within the paper range the calendar answered this and did it in a creative way.

Another strong point was the application of the calendar. I wanted to make something more of the calendar and push the adaption and production of the calendar. I think in these terms – being a physical product I can apply my skills much better as they are more focused to these areas. With the calendar I created two secondary uses for the product, making it very practical for the user and more reason for them to save the calendar and actually use it.

As a brief that was heavily influenced by craft skills, this was a main focus within the brief and something that had to be applied to a high standard. The craft element was within the use of stock and cutting down all the daily sheets to then create the calendar and the packaging. I feel that the standard of the calendar is high and that I have applied my craft skills well to the brief to create the product. The designing of the calendar was kept simple so that it didn’t hinder the view of the stock, the use of black is was in order to print over the top of each of the stock colours.

On a whole, I really enjoyed doing this brief, the craft element made this great for me work on and get me away from purely designing on the computer – it was good to make a physical object. If I was to do the brief again, I don’t think there would be anything I would change, I believe that the products answer the brief in the best possible way and I have created an interesting product that will engage the users.

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