Sunday, 4 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Tickets

The tickets are for general admission to the event. This will be primarily for the talks taking place on the Friday as the exhibition will be free admission. The tickets will be for those who order them online, as they will be needed on a larger scale these will be digital printed. 

But in order to stick with the high quality standard and to keep the products consistent, I have taken inspiration from the front covers of the publications and created a small sleeve, which the ticket will slide into. This will hide all the information on the bottom of the ticket, just leaving the event name etc on top. 

Ticket back design - 
The back design takes on the aesthetic of a standard ticket. Using the typefaces and colours it links in with the branding of the project. All the usual information of an event ticket is displayed on the ticket. To lay out the design I have used the 6 column grid, this keeps the information on the ticket in a good structure and lines everything up. As stated above the added element to the ticket is the small sleeve, which again links to other products within the range, but it also makes this product a little more special and more than just a printed ticket.  

Front design of tickets. 
As the sleeves will cover up the bottom half of the ticket, the logo is placed towards to the top of the product, this will show when the sleeve is placed onto the ticket. This side of the ticket is really there to brand the product and make it part of the branded promotional material set. Using both the colours of the colour palette means that the tickets will have a variation and makes them a bit more interesting as not everyone will receive the same one. 

Mock up of how the ticket with the sleeve will look. Also showing the design of the sleeve. 

The sleeve includes information which basically says what the product is. This will run throughout all the products and be a anchor design which is present on all products. I think as I am creating a full set of products, having something like this identifies what each one is, but also looks good when they are all together in one place. 

Other basic information such as the date and place is included on the sleeve. As you can see the design is very similar to the back of the ticket as the same grid has been applied to the product. But even though it is similar you can a difference in the design which is achieved because the grid offers an adaptable design application to each of products. 

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