Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 10 // LCA Studio Window // Evaluation

Brief 10: LCA Studio Window
The studio window display was a fun and enjoyable brief. This was a quick turnaround brief that only lasted a couple of days. I was asked to create a window displayed based on typography and using a quote from my manifesto.

With the brief being a quick turn around, it meant that I had to create the design on a much quicker scale than before. This was good for me as the previous brief had been quite long, so having to work quicker and to more of a deadline helped me change the pace within my work and produce a good quality design, but within a much smaller time. I enjoyed the fact that it was shorter and that within a day I had the design there ready to be vinyl cut.

Working with a different material was a good experience, vinyl cutting the design meant that the design had to be thought about when actually designing it, as the vinyl cutter only recognizes outlined shapes. Any sort of intricate design had to be converted to a outline and the design had to be thought about to make sure the right bits were cut out. I had previously used the vinyl cutter before this brief, but not to the extent of cutting a full design. In the end it wasn’t that difficult, as the chosen design was a typographic display, this was easily converted to an outline and cut out.

The use of typography was heavily influences within this brief, researching into typographic window displays, showed me a lot of inspiration and I found that large type is the way to create a good display. Taking this on board, I designed my using a interesting type which would look good when vinyl cut.

I feel that the strongest element of this brief was adapting the display when it was vinyl cut. I cam across a problem when the vinyl was cut, one of the letterforms when cut into the vinyl looked like a something else and made the quote bot very legible. I had to use the quote but adapt it to make it make sense, cutting out words and using a letterform to create an equals sign solved this. I was quite impressed with the intuition to change this and still make the quote work as a display. Applying the design to window was a great success, being a hand on person and one not to shy away from things like that, I took it on myself and got stuck in to apply the design to the window, it went on fine and looked great once up.

If I was to do the display again, I would of liked to change the design and make it much bigger within the window, but constraints were in place by the size of the vinyl cutter. I also would of liked to create more of design led display, other than just a typed out quote.

I was happy with the outcome of the brief, the quick turnaround was great for my practice and kept me on my toes by changing the pace of which I had to work within. The display up on the window works really well, the colour of the vinyl fits within the aesthetic of the studio and it creates a bright and nicer place to work, once all the other windows are done, they should all create a better visual aesthetic within the studio space.

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