Monday, 5 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Notebook

As part of the promotional pack which visitors will be able to collect on the day they visit the talks, I wanted to create a range of products which are relevant to event and will both work with the branding of the event.

As the talks are taking place on the Friday, its always good to have a notebook to be able to right down notes or anything from the talks of the designers, so creating a hand crafted and bound notebook will fit well within the promo pack and be something useful to the visitors. Even if they don't use it on the day of the talks, its a good product to take away and be something to show from the event.

The front covers of the notebooks will be printed on the lilac stock to tie in with all the other products and use both the blue and green colours of the palette within the design.

The design of the notebook front cover, takes the elements of the branding and applies them within the format of the cover. Using the type set logo as the main focus of the design. Then taking the idea from the programme and tickets sleeves to identify what the product is, this is placed below the logo. Using the grid this create a well laid out deisgn, that is simple and straight to the point - perfect for the design of a notebook. Again this product will have a short lifespan so the design of it doesn't need to be too elaborate, but it needs to tie into the branding, which is achieved below.

Notebook front cover design. 

As the notebooks are only going to small A5 notebooks, the front cover will be printed onto A4 lilac stock, so I can simply fold the stock in half and then place some folded inners within the lilac stock. Sewing the notebook together with a simple cotton thread hand sewn bind, will attach all the sheets together and create the notebook. 

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