Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 13 // Luke Beevers Photography // Evaluation

Brief 13: Luke Beevers Photography
I wanted the chance to work on another branding project, so when my friend asked me if I would design his brand & identity I took the offer up and started to work on it straight away.

Photography is always something I have been interested in as a hobby and it was a great opportunity to work alongside a photographer and create the branding for him. This was a good mix of my interests and design, which instantly made the brief more interesting for me and more enjoyable to work.

It was also good to use the photographer as a client and set up meetings and emails discussing the branding and making amendments when feedback was received from him. Treating the brief in this instance is felt more like a client-based brief and one that would happen outside of Uni, within the industry. It was a great experience and it improved my skills within being able to talk about the work and explain where it all came from – something I will need to be good at within the industry.

Working on the actual branding of this brief was different to any other because it was very personal to the photographer and I made it heavily based on him and his aspirations within the photography industry. The photographer works within live music and lifestyle & clothing, he works both in set and on location. With a large emphasis on an urban style and edging towards an American feel, the branding was created to communicate this idea and sense of showing him for who he is as a photographer. I feel that this is one of the strongest points within the brief and the fact that I have been able to create this concept and carry it through within the design of the identity.

The colour scheme and print of the branding was the second focal point within the designing of the identity. As a photographer the standard needed to be high and focus on the quality. Using the black and white colour scheme exposes this element, but also means that the branding can be easily used within any of his work. This was a main factor that the photographer spoke about in the beginning, which I believe the branding delivers on and takes this element to the point that it cant be explored or applied in a better way.

If I had more time to work on this brief, then I would of looked at developing the branding and identity further, I feel that the identity is designed well and has a considered approach to answer what the photographer needs, but within the time frame given to complete the brief, there wasn’t much development as he was happy with what I had created. I feel that with maybe some more development within the logo or the application, this could have been really special. The same with the product outcomes, if I ha longer I would of liked to expand upon these and look into creating a portfolio / lookbook for the photographer and maybe even extend it to a website. This would of challenged me further and given me a greater experience with working with a client on such products like that.

That said I am still happy with the brief and feel that with the time and scale that I had been given from the photographer, the branding and identity was executed well, conformed to the photographers needs and most of all it reflects who he is as a creative and gives him a professional brand to go into the industry with. On my part it has taught me about working with / for a client and gave me the opportunity to work on a subject area that I wouldn’t normally undertake. Also the idea of being able to think of a concept that is so close to the client, when I’m not them, was quite impressive for myself. I feel as a branding project I have learnt a lot and understand the meaning of creating a consistent brand that can be applied to many different products, formats and work over print and web in a suitable and professional manor.

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