Sunday, 4 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Invitations & Envelope

The invitations are ones which will be sent out to people within the industry to invite them along to the talks and exhibition. Keeping inline with the high quality aesthetic, I wanted to create a special edition invitation, that used different techniques to make it something more special getting through the post and be a product which the user will be interested in and want to take time to look at. 

To achieve this I am going to screen-print the invitations and envelopes and the invitation will have an embossed logo on the front. 

Keeping the design of the invitation simple was the best way to get the best finished result, especially with screen print the products. 


The front of the invitation has a simple design. The green typo logo will be embossed, this will either be a blind emboss or embossed with green ink. As this is the main feature of the invitation, I didnt want to create too much around it, the emboss needs to stand out and be something that the user can see and interact with.  The typ logo in the top corner will be cut out in vinyl and stuck onto the invitation - this is going to be done throughout all the products within the promotional material. 

The back of the invite has more of a design to it. Using blue as the body copy colour, this will offset against the white stock better than the green. This side of the invite has been kept inline with the grid and it all fits into it, which from looking at the design you can see there is a strict structure to it all and all the different elements line up. The invite explains the event and invites the user along to the talks and exhibition. An emphasis on the idea behind it being called 'Number three' is shown down the right hand side. 

The envelope will hold the invitation and make it more of a product that the user has to interact with to get into it. It also adds value to invitation and means this product as a whole works with the aesthetic of the rest of the products. The envelope and invite will be placed within a black foil envelope to be posted, so this in effect is like a small cover for the invite. 

The envelopes will come in three different designs, this will change the designer in the background, each person receiving the invites will get either one of them.  

The front cover includes the designer in the background, using the blue as the background colours makes this image stand out and be much stronger - using the green, loses all the detail in the image and is very hard to see what the image actually is. The combination of the green type over the top of the image works well in this instance - it stands out well and compliments the colour of the background. Including both logos within the design, ties the product into the branding and product range.  

The back of the envelope only has the information in the bottom corner. The diagonal lines are cutting guides. These will be cut out so that the invitation can be slotted into the cover. The information in the bottom corner is the branding for the event and again just ties the product into the branding. 

This is the artwork set up for screen-print. All the envelope will be printed in blue ink. This colour works best with the lilac stock - it compliments the stock colour better than green and stands out against the stock too. The title on the front cover will be printed over the top on a second screen in the green ink. Screen-printing this part of the product again adds to the value of the product and makes it more hand-crafted which users like to see. It shows time and effort has been put into the design and creates that extra special product which people like to see. The screen-print process also adds to the high quality standard, as each of the envelopes will be individual as no print will be the same. The effect from the process also gives a nice aesthetic and having a piece of actual print in your hand feels nicer - adding to the value of the product again. 

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