Monday, 5 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Screen Printing Products

As previously stated some of the products for the promotional material is going to be screen printed. I decided to do this because I think the process of screen printing gives any product a high quality finish. It is something that can never be replicated as each print is different in its own way. With this it fits in with the idea of creating a high standard & quality style / aesthetic to the printed products.

Screen printing in my eyes also adds value to a product as the person who has created the product has taken much more time and effort in making it. The process adds a quality to the product which you really appreciate when you can physically touch and feel the print. It makes the products more hand crafted and when its things which users will be receiving or interacting with they appreciate the product much more and it becomes a greater piece of work.

Lastly I really enjoy creating work through the process. I like the hands on approach and the fact that you can create a mass amount of work in little time and it is there in front of you when finished. It also means I can get away from the computer and physically make things, which I love to do. Making use of the facilities within my last project was also a factor that I wanted take advantage of.


The products which were screen printed are -
- invites and envelopes
- posters
- publication front covers

insert images of printed work. 

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