Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 6 // Life with Energy // Evaluation

Brief 06: Life With Energy
Life with energy was a brief I created from previously working on a similar subject area. I liked the aesthetics and info graphic / illustrative style that energy design has, this is why I was interested in doing the brief.

The brief was a challenge as the subject is seen as one that is boring and the target audience aren’t that interested within it, but the challenge was to change this and make an engaging product that will inform the target audience about energy efficiency. I believe through the design aesthetics and products that I have created within this brief it does just this and creates an engaging product for the user to find out information about energy within the home.

The key emphasis of this brief was to create a product which communicates energy efficiency. In order to achieve this, I have used stocks and material that have the aesthetics of sustainability and energy efficiency. Using recycled paper and sugar paper, gave this aesthetic and was different stock to work with than the usual. It was interesting to see the results of using it, as it gives the prints a completely different feel when they are printed. Experimenting with these stocks was good development and practice for my own work, it shows that I can think about the context of the product and use relevant materials to communicate this to the audience.

The brief entailed a lot of illustration and icon design, which as an area I wouldn’t always work on, but isn’t that far away from how I would usually work it was good to get involved with creating a set of icons and illustrations to be displayed throughout all the products. I think the more type of illustration work I do the better I am getting at it, this brief has entailed the most illustration work so far and it has developed those skills the most, I feel much more confident working on illustrations now after practicing and developing the skills further.

Processes and methods were used within this brief. I bound the publication with a wir-o spiral bind, this was the first time I had used such a binding method and not knowing how to do it, I had to research into the method. When it came to doing the bind, it was actually really easy, as the pages just slid over the wire ends. Producing this publication with the binding method was further knowledge I could add to by book binding skills and improving them is very important to me, as it is a large focus within my practice. I also experimented with the use of vinyl within the information package design. To create a contrast against the recycled stock, I used a green gloss vinyl; this stands out against the packaging and creates an engaging and attractive packaging for the information pack. It makes it the pack look more professional and as though it is a real pack within the market. This is what I wanted to achieve and taking time over the production of the pack has resulted in a professional feel within the products.

Creating an engaging pack was the outset to this brief, using an illustrative style along with the use of iconography, I feel as though this has been achieved throughout the products and that the target audience would take time to look through the pack as it involves different products with different formats and sizes. I think that this is the strongest element of the brief and it stands out when looking at the products as a whole.

Overall I have found the brief interesting to work on, both researching and designing the products of the information pack it has kept me engaging within the brief and I think this shows through what I have created. The illustration work has been the best I have designed so far and it has defiantly improved my illustration skills. I think I have managed the brief well and kept within the time scales I set out for it, if I did have longer on the brief I would of liked to further expand the brief to create further relevant products and maybe of pushed it into digital application such as a website and app as I think these would have been very relevant to the subject area and the audience. I think the brief has been a success and what I have produced answer the brief and presents and interactive and engaging product to inform the target audience with the relevant information.

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