Friday, 16 May 2014

Brief 14 // Design Context Book // Product images

Receiving the printed publication from blurb was a great success. I wasn't sure what the print quality of the publication was going to be like, but I was surprised as it was really good. This has given the publication a much needed professional feel. 

Photographing the publication was vital to show the content to the best ability. I wanted to focus on showing the visual spreads throughout the publication, so the photography of the book is based around in spread shots, with some added close ups to see the smaller details. 

Front cover / Publication:

Spread Shots - 
Getting the publication to stay open whilst photographing it, proved to be difficult, so I got a second pair of hands to hold open the publication whilst the photo was being taken. This has worked out a lot better than I thought and now gives the impression that the publication is within the users hand reading it - it shows the book in context. 

Detailed Shots

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