Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Evaluation

Brief 16: Typocircle
The Typocircle brief was taken from a previous D&AD brief, within the brief I answered the D&AD brief but also extended it to create a proposal for a three-day event which included live talks and an exhibition.

From the beginning of the brief I set out to create a campaign with the strong concept, this was kept simple but bold through the use of imagery and colour. I feel that this was a strong point of the brief and an element that I executed well as the concept provided a focal point to all the branded material.

Throughout the brief I focused on produced products of a high quality, through the use of good quality stock and using printing and binding techniques, all the products were designed to a high standard and when printed with the professional stocks, they carried a ‘limited edition’ aesthetic.

Printing processes and binding methods were a big part of this brief, I purposely decided to use screen print on the relevant products because it was a process that was becoming more relevant to me and my practice, it also fit with the idea of making the products carry a high quality aesthetic.

The brief entailed a large product range, as creating promotional material and a promo pack for the event needed a lot of different products creating to show how the branding and campaign concept can be spread across all the products. Within creating the large product range I experimented with formats, sizes and stocks. This again was a highlight of the project and something that is visible within the outcomes of the brief.

This project has been a great mixture of graphic design and print. I have had the advantage of creating a large product range and being able to showcase how I can design over print and web keeping a consistent design and aesthetic to create a strong campaign with a underlining concept. The use of print processes and other craft methods within the brief is strongly evident and has made it a much stronger and more interesting project; I believe that this is the best result within the outcomes and it is a visible aesthetic that is constant across all the products.

I love to print and physically make products, this brief has enabled me to do this and to improve and perfect my skills because of the high quality standard that needed to be achieved within each product. I feel that this is the strongest element of the brief as it is the area I am most comfortable with. On a slightly negative note, I do think there are some improvements that could be made, the photography of the project is acceptable, but compared to some of the other briefs, its not as strong and doesn’t show the brief to its full potential, this was mainly because of the large product range and not physically being able to get everything working together to take good shots.

On the whole I do think that this brief is one of the better ones within my portfolio and I believe that because it uses both the graphic designer and print maker within myself, I got the advantages from both worlds and created a project that had elements from both sides which were my strongest, resulting in the brief being one that has a clear understanding, aesthetical style and communication to the target audience. Possibly if I was to do it again, I would look at creating the whole project through screen-printing and maybe focus on less products but making them more interesting through the format and interaction with the user.  

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