Sunday, 4 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Day Pass

The day pass comes within part of the promo pack for the weekend. This is for the people that attend the live talks on the Friday. Once you have taken your ticket you will be given a day pass, this will be worn around the user neck to show they have valid entry throughout the talks and in the Food Hall. 

Taken inspiration from the tickets and the programmes the day pass uses both elements of the design and brings them together to create the design of the product. 

The back design of the pass is very similar to that of the other products. Those include the sleeve but as this will be placed within a lanyard there is no need for the sleeve. But I have applied the design as though a sleeve would be present on the product. The layout of the bottom section of the pass is similar to that of the sleeves design and the same with the top section that includes just the logo type. As a full product this identifies that the user has paid and has valid access to the talks. 

The design uses the 6 column grid to layout the information and keep within a structured format within the product. The product is designed to be legible, it has a short life span, so the design is kept simple and easy to reproduce on a mass scale for the one day of the event. 

The fronts of the pass uses the imagery from the programmes. This includes the images of each designer with the logo placed over the top. On all of the products which involve this combination of designed elements, the logo is placed within the same place and kept to a similar size - within ratio of the size of the product. Doing this makes sure that all products are consistent and create a fully branded set of promo products to clearly create a identity for the event. 

The placement of the logo type has been placed within the lighter areas of the images so that it stands out against the background colour and is visible from a far. The two colours compliment each other, but the green is a more vibrant colour so this stands out more when placed over the top of the blue background images. 

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