Monday, 5 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Posters

A promotional campaign always needs some posters to advertise the event. I have designed three poster designs, these vary in size. The smallest poster is A5 these will be used within the designer publications to advertise the talk of each of the designers. The rest of the posters are A3 in size, if the campaign was real and used in the industry then the posters would be produced at a much larger size, but this shows the design of the artwork and is a good format / size to work with - A3 is also good to scale up or down from.

Posters are always the one product that I find the hardest to design out of everything. I think getting the balance right between it being artwork focused or information focused is quite hard and it sometimes goes either way. For the design of these posters I took my time and tried out a few different layouts to see which would work the best and achieve the best result if put out into the public eye. The posters needed to be identified as part of the product range, but also carry a bold design so that it stands out and catches the eye of the public.

This design takes inspiration from the previous products that use the designer image as the background. Using blue as the background colour, ties it in with the other products and the branding, but also makes the poster a bold colour and one that stands out. The information for each designer talk is placed over the top of the image. This poster would be a series of three - one for each designer and have each individual information on each one. 

The grid has been used within the poster, which made it easy to create a hierarchy of type and the information within the poster. 

Along with the image based poster, I wanted to create a type based poster as an overall poster for the full event. This also ties back into the idea of the Typographic Circle as it is a type based organisation. 

This poster was again based on the grid, but I split it down into three columns as you can see from the designer names across the top and the information along the bottom. But in doing this the main information in the middle doesn't feel like it sits right on the page and feels abit out of place. This section of information doesn't fit that well together as there is alot of different lengths in the lines, which leaves varying white spacing within the poster and makes it feels unbalanced. The logo at the bottom of the page doesnt work right being placed there either, this also unbalances the bottom section of the poster. 

The idea of the poster is good and could work to be an overall poster which I would print onto the lilac stock. This would tie all the different elements of the branding together and create an over arching design for the branded material. It just needs more work to it. 

From creating that poster which didn't work so well, I started to look at alternate designs and layout that I could work with to create the poster. Again the majority of these didn't work, hence why they are only the start of the design, but it shows the process of creating the designs within the grid and how it can be flexible to create a variety of designs. 

After realising that the designs above weren't a success and wasn't going to be any good for the poster, I went back to the first poster and looked at different ways in which I could change it to make it work better. 

I identified that:
- the three column system wasn't working that well and made the poster appear unbalanced, it also threw off the middle section of the design and made this look out of place on the poster. 

- the typ logo wasn't present on the poster and needed to be as every other product has this placed within the design. This could replace the smaller logo in the bottom corner as that didn't fit within the layout of the poster. 

- The top section of the poster has too much white space, compared to the bottom section - again this is due to the designer names being spread across the top of the poster. This makes it seem like the design should be centered to the page, whereas the middle section works better being left justified. 

New Poster design
Taking into account the things that I identified above, I tweaked the design of the poster and brought in the different elements of the branding to tie it all together and bring it in line with the branding of the promotional material. 

I think as a poster this design works much better, moving the designer names from along the top to being left justifies has made a significant difference in the design and now makes it all work together in each separate section to bring it together as one full design. The typ logo fits into the design much better than the other logo and now frees up the area in the bottom corner, so your eye is now drawn to the information of when the event is.

I am much happier with this design and printing it onto the lilac stock will finish off the poster and pull this product together with the rest of the branding of the promotional material. 

A5 Posters 
The A5 posters are going to be placed within the designer publications on the last page of it. This is to advertise the individual talks of each of the designers. For this I have down scaled the design of the image based poster, as this will work with the design and content of the publications really well. 

Jonathan Barnbrook Poster.  

Made Thought Poster. 

Anthony Burrill Poster. 

Screen Print Posters
The final poster designs use the screen prints which were left over from creating the front covers of the publications. These are the printed versions of the images of each designer. As these products are just the images of the designer that are screen-printed, I am going to put the information of the poster over the top of these designs by using vinyl. 

I think this will create a good hand crafted style of poster, these will particularly work well with the publications and invites as all these products have been screen printed and will hold that aesthetic of the process. Having these posters fully hand crafted shows the craftsmanship and effort put into designing and creating the products for the promotional material, but it also brings in the element of exclusivity and puts a bigger value on the products, which hopefully will be appreciated. Its a product which is something different from all the rest and one which you can physically touch and feel the qualities in your hands.   

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