Thursday, 8 May 2014

Brief 15 // DFGA // Front Cover

The front cover of any publication is always an important design decision as its the first thing any user will see and interpret the publication as a product from seeing this front cover.

Initially I intended on using the icons from the design categories as the artwork within the front cover, but after designing them I don't think this is appropriate for the front cover and doesn't really serve the purpose of the front cover. I think this because they very different in format and shape and I don't think bringing them together into a small area will do the design any justice.

Instead I think the design needs to something much more simpler, but still that links into the idea of the course and what the student do within it. Going back to the numbers within the chapter titles and the idea that they are based on pixels, I thought using the pixels within the front cover could be an interesting idea. Along with using the pixels I can use the three colours which I identified when creating the chapter type. This fits in with the yearbook as the colours are Red, Green and Blue, RGB which is the basis of all the colour the student use on the course.

Information needed on the front cover is the course title, year and Leeds College of art.

This is the design of the front cover. As you can see the basis of the design is the idea of using the squares which represents screen pixels. RGB is the colour scheme for the design, but I have used a different colour range than the 100% RGB as I think those colours are too bold and vibrant to use within the yearbook - they will take over the spread content and take the focus off the content. The green has been used the most within the cover as it is the main colour that is being carried through into the design within the inside of the document. 

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