Monday, 5 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Event Promo Pack

The event promo pack is going to be a pack of products which the visitors of the live talks get included within the ticket. They will collect it on the day of talks and it will include products that are relevant to that day. The idea of the pack is to give the visitors more information about the event, but also some nice printed products which they can take away with them.

Products included:
- Poster
- Designer Insights publication
- Notebook
- Day Pass
- Tote Bag

All the products within the promo pack are products which are being designed as products for the promo material of the event. This will all be put together inside a branded tote bag.

Tote Bag
As the tote bag will include all the products of the promo pack it needs to also fit within the branding. I am going to screen print onto the tote bag with the branding of the event.

Using the main section from the posters that includes the typocircle logo and information on what the event is, this will be printed as a large print onto the tote bag. Using the blue as it is the bolder colour, this should compliment the natural cotton fabric of the tote bag. Creating a nice branded tote bag will be great for the visitors to see and want to pick up. 

Tote bag design on a tote bag. This is what the tote bag will look like, with the addition of the typ logo in the top corner it fully brands the tote bag and brings it into the branded product range of the event. I think the simple design of this on the tote bag works really well and creates a great product for the promo pack to be placed within. 

Designer Insights pack
As the talks are from each of the designers, including the designer insights publication within the promo pack makes sense so that the visitors can get better understanding of each of the designers and read some information about them before the talks. They are also great products to take away from the event and have as a information resource. 

The publications themselves are exactly the same as the ones designed earlier in the project, to include them within the promo pack, I have created a plastic cover which will enclose all three publications and create a small pack with them inside. The plastic cover will have vinyl cut type placed on the front so again it can be branded, but also inform the user what the products are / included inside. 

To get the best result with the vinyl cutter a simple design always works best, and using a larger type size makes it easier to be cut and for me to apply it to the product. The design simply uses different elements from the range of products / branding to create the design. Using the grid the design is laid out and lined up using the structured grid. The type set logo is present within the design, along with information identifying what the product is and what is included. This will be vinyl cut using blue vinyl to work with the colours of the branding. 

Mock up of how the designer insights pack will look with the plastic cover on all three publications. 

Other Products
The rest of the products included inside the promo pack are how they have been designed for the use as a promotional product. These will be included within the pack to create a relevant range of products which can be given to the visitors as useful products for the day at the talks but also for them to take away as memorabilia.

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