Monday, 5 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Seat ticket, Thank you ticket, Voucher

Within the running of the event having vouchers for different things the visitors can collect will make it easier for the staff and make the running of the event much smoother.

The vouchers are for collecting the promo packs, seat allocation within the talks and a thank you voucher which can be used in the shop to get money off a print.

As these will need to be mass produced to cater for the amount of visitors that could come through the event over the three days, the vouchers are all digitally printed onto the lilac stock.

The design of these resemble that of the sleeves from previous products. They are a small format so that they can reproduced easily and because they don't need to be a big size for the purpose they serve. The design of each voucher is the same, except the information changes on each one. Using the grid the design is kept aligned and structured to created a well formed typographic layout within the artwork. Using different point sizes creates a hierarchy of type within the design, which identifies the most important information. 

Thankyou / money off voucher 

Seat Allocation voucher 

Promo Pack voucher

On each of the vouchers the space at the top of voucher will have the type set typo logo embossed into the voucher. This will brand each of the vouchers and also make it part of the branded promo material products. Adding the emboss makes the vouchers more interesting and keeps them inline with the high quality finish that all the products take on throughout the product range. 

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