Monday, 5 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typocircle // Signage

As part of the event and exhibition, I wanted to show how the promotional material would look in the public and within the formats it would be displayed in, in public spaces. I think it is important to show the product in context and at the size and format they are intended to be, as we can't always print to this scale or have the structures to show them how they would be displayed.

To do this I have mocked up various products to the scale and format that they would be displayed at in the public eye.

When on the shop streets, all shops have a sign outside which is a smaller version of the shop front. This would be the shop front logo sign. As the event is based around design, high quality products and hand made products, I thought using a sign that was a little different, but fitting within the theme would be appropriate. It also fits into the arts & culture identity. 

Signage outside the event and exhibition space would display the posters of each of the talks and also the poster for the full event. These could be placed in the street paths as shown so that they are visible to passing public and attract attention from them. Also having it as a physical object like this means they have to take notice and walk around it, but by doing that they will have seen the poster and paid attention it, maybe bringing them into the event. 

Bus shelters are alway a great way to advertise an event, they are public facing advertising spaces that attract a lot of attention from the walking passing public, but also those traveling on public transport, so this is a great opportunity to get the event noticed by the public. 

Another great advertising space is banners on lamp posts. Within a city theres are hundreds of lamp posts which can easily be turned in advertising spaces as shown above. These are all public facing as they are located throughout the streets of the city and offer a great advertising tool. Also placing these around the exhibition space - Manchester Town Hall, will show the public where the event is taking place and in a way brand the area / building with the events identity.  

Within the event and exhibition spaces, the posters for the various talks will be displayed in the following way. Using wire and bull-dog clips are a really quick and efficient way to display posters, but it also looks great within an open area, it is also easy to display at various heights. Advertising the talks and event within the event space is a good way to inform the visitors when the talks are and where. It also again brands the space into being orientated around the event.  

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