Monday, 12 May 2014

Brief 13 // Luke Beevers Photography // Printed Products

From producing the printed material for the branding and identity of the photographer, I have photographed them within context. 

To communicate the idea of the branding and make the photography of the printed materials more interesting and in keeping with whole project, I wanted to photograph the products within context - including objects that are relevant to the photographer and the branding. 

Not only did this make the photography in keeping with the branding, it made the images much more visually interesting and tied all the products together within the photographs. It was good to experiment with using the photography objects within the photo shoot and create the compositions of each of the images.  

Photographing on a wooden floor gave a the images a good background, which is consistent through all the images and gives a professional feel to them. 

Shots of the full branding and identity products - 
Letterhead, invoice, compliment slip, business card are all included in the composition of the images. 

Brand Guidelines - 
Photographing the brand guidelines was interesting to use the objects within the photography to make the compositions more interesting, instead of just having them placed within the image. 

Letterhead - 
Again using the objects within the photography makes the images stand out and bring a new element within the photos. 

Invoice - 
The use of the photography objects have tied this in with the rest of the photography, this gives a better context of the products and what they are related to. 

Compliment slip - 
With the format of the compliment slip, it was hard to incorporate the photography objects massively without taking over the product itself, which would hid the product from being showcased. So the photography objects have been brought in slightly, but not as much as some of the others.

Business cards - 
Taking the photography objects out of the business card photos because of the format of the cards, the objects over power them and take over the focal point of the photographs. Instead creating more interesting compositions with just the cards was a better way to photograph them and show the design of the products. 

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