Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 7 // Elmwood // Evaluation

Brief 07: Elmwood
This brief started off well, I was looking forward to getting started on it after Chris had briefed us on what he waned us to produce for the brief. I had ideas for it right from the beginning of receiving my given job title, which I spend time drawing out some initial ideas and developing these on paper first.

When it came to idea generation for the actual branding I found this quite difficult to start off with. After going back to doing more research and looking further into the subject, I came up with an idea and concept for the branding, which I started to produce in for the crit with Elmwood.

The crit was good, as this informed me what people thought about the branding at the beginning stages of the brief, I received positive feedback but I was also given some improvements to make the branding stronger and what application to apply it to. I took on the ideas from the crit and completed the branding. This was a quick turnaround brief for me; I completed the full brief in a couple of days. I think the process of having the brief with the design studio was a great idea to have been put in place, we are so used to talking about our work with each other, that it makes it better when other come in to do the same process. It was a valuable session with the designers and it gave a great insight into their thinking and how they would work in the industry.

I am fairly happy with the branding, I do like the design that I created and think it communicates the idea of the company, but if I had more time then I think I could of pushed the branding further and made it more interesting, and to communicate the idea of the company in better by using more of the research.

The application of the branding was interesting as it was a tree surgeon. To emphasis on this element I used wood as stock for some of the products. To produce this I used the laser cutter to engrave into the wood and created a range of business cards and clipboards displaying the branding of the company. This was great to involve within the brief as it was something different and I was able to work away from the computer. It was a good challenge to work to the format of the business card, but I also had to think about how the laser cut would affect the design within the wood. I think these products worked out best with the branding and made it communicate the idea of the company further.

Overall I feel that this brief was very short as I had a lot of other work on at the same time, but I happy with what I produced within the time spent on it. Within this brief I have taken on board the idea of developing the branding from the beginning which I think is one of the stronger points of the brief as this was well executed.

However, I am aware that the brief isn’t the strongest within the work I have produced so far, I think this was because it was a brief on the side of other things I didn’t give it my full attention. Also I think I lost interest within the idea and I just wanted to get it finished in time, using the laser cutter and different wood, made this brief better for me and more exciting to work on. The application of the brand was okay, but again I’m not a huge fan of the design of this.  I think being hard on myself within this brief has taught me not to work on so many briefs at the same time, as I aren’t the best at splitting my time across many briefs, I tend to work on the one I enjoy the most and leave the rest behind. The products and design of this brief evidence that and have shown me the result of doing too much at once. If I was to do this brief again, I would allocate more time towards the brief and research further into the subject to get a better understanding of the job and therefor produce and more considered branding project.

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