Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 11 // Manifesto // Evaluation

Brief 11: Manifesto
The manifesto project wasn’t a planned brief and came from the result of having to create a personal manifesto within the PPP module. When doing that element, I found myself really connecting with the idea of a manifesto and personally my manifesto. It did voice my opinions and attitudes within the design industry and in particular my own practice. I think creating such a personal product is always good for self evaluation and being able to take a step back and see yourself for who you really are. Doing this part of the brief was the first time that I really thought about who I am as a designer and what makes me tick. I wanted to this to come across within the manifesto and be a product that introduces myself.

Writing the manifesto itself was the hardest part of the brief, as I am not the greatest of writers, this pushed my abilities, but by taking time and rewriting a lot of the statements, I have managed to create a well written 10-point manifesto in the style of positive and persuasive writing. This was the first success within the brief and one that was a great improvement to my writing skills.

The manifesto brief opened up the interpretation of each of the manifesto points. Using an illustrative style I planned out the design of each of the points in order to create a simple but bold illustration. I wanted these to be fun and imaginative to show a different side of my personality that you may not recognize straight away. The use of colour within the manifesto was important to showcase this element and the palette I created was a bright, vibrant colour range, which made the manifesto product very visual and interesting to look at.

The illustrative approach made me thing about the manifesto further as I had to interpret each one into a design, this initial idea generation was difficult to start with as not all the manifesto points had clear design aspects that I could pick from. This again improved my idea generation and creative thinking. The illustration worked on my illustration skills and helped showcase them within my portfolio.

Towards the end of the brief I was self evaluating what I had created and realised that this would be a great product for my own branding, as it very personal to myself and is a great introduction to who I am. Changing the brief slightly enabled me to turn the manifesto product into a personal branding piece. To do this I applied my branding to the packaging and created an envelope that also carried my branding. Realising this proved to myself that I was thinking about my own practice and where / how I could take this, sub consciously it is probably something that is always on mind, but this brief has brought it to light and made me think about what I could try and achieve once the course is finished.

As a full brief this has mainly improved a lot of my skills and ones that aren’t just design based. My writing skills an creative thinking skills have all been improved through the development stages of this brief, along with my illustration skills being the main focus point and the ones which have been developed the furthest. The brief was a quick turnaround, which was done on purpose to see what I could create in the timescale given, I am happy with the product and believe that it does inform the user about me. The mix of illustration, packaging and the written element within this brief has brought many elements together into one accomplished project which stands out as a product and has real personal meaning behind it. To do this brief again, I would maybe create a larger set, or look at a different design approach to extend the brief and make the product into something larger or another product alongside to enhance the meaning and understanding of it further. Overall as a product which is now part of my personal branding, it aesthetically fits in with my branding and further explores the idea of what my branding and how it showcases me as a designer, I think many creative within the industry would like to see this product and fine it interesting as the personal approach always creates an interested and intriguing reaction that gives the true result and success of the brief.

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