Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Brief 4 // A very Alternate Christmas // Evaluation

Brief 04: A Very Alternate Christmas
This was a very quick turn around brief, which was to design a Christmas postcard on a given song or film. I was given the film Die Hard, which at first I didn’t class as a Christmas film, but from researching into it and watching the film, it turns out it is, as the film is based on Christmas Eve.

To communicate the film within a design, I choose to take a illustrative approach to the postcard as I thought this was best fitting to represent a section or iconic part of the film. Doing the design as an illustration also helped me develop my illustration skills and get them up to scratch with the rest of my design skills.

From researching and watching the film, I found that the most iconic thing / object within the film is the building it is set in, which is a real building. So taking that as the main imagery for the postcard, I started to develop an illustration. Using the visuals of the building this allowed me to create an initial outline, in doing so I could add detail to the building to make it more realistic. I feel that maybe I could of experimented with the composition of the artwork or developed the design further to create a range of options for the postcard. Maybe even looking into different elements of the film would have brought out a different section to focus on that could have fitted the brief better.

The postcards artworks are all going to be printed through the printing process of risograph. To get the best results of this it is best to use one colour and create a simple bold image within the artwork. This will display the artwork clearer when printed. I think that this process is interesting and researching into it myself as part of the brief was good to look at and learn about, as print is something I am interested in and this process could come in use for a future project. I find that we are always learning things from each other within the studio and a full group brief like this enables everyone to work together and create a project that has a high impact. It also shows introduces you into new ways of working, processes and methods. Just like this brief has introduced me to risograph printing.

This short brief provided me a break for a day from the other briefs I was doing. As the brief was so specific, it was good to just be able to get straight on with creating the ideas and designing the artwork. This was great for me as it was all about the design and communicating the given film, which I believe my design clearly does. The colours for the artwork were specified, so again it as one less thing to worry about. I think the strongest part to the brief was the concept and idea that was briefed to us, as an actual product there was only one element to the design as it was single colour, so that was pretty straight forward and it was just your own interpretation. But the brief worked so well between everyone because the concept and idea as very clear and it had a great objective behind it all.  If I were to revisit the brief I would choose a more Christmas themed song or film, even though Die Hard is classed as a Christmas film, it didn’t have a Christmas identity, so my design and postcard didn’t really feel that Christmassy even though it did answer the brief.

A great little brief that enabled a solution to static designing within my other briefs, I tested my illustration skills within the artwork and designed a creative interpretation of a film within a Christmas theme.

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