Sunday, 4 May 2014

Brie 16 // Typocircle // Programme

The programme is for the live talks on the Friday of the event. This outlines the running order of the talks and gives a small introduction to each of the designers. 

For the programme I didn't want to create a publication or something that was unnecessary for the event, as it was only for the first day it wasn't going to be that big. So taking the idea from the tickets, i used a similar rectangular format, except extending it to fit in all the information. Using the idea of the sleeve from the tickets, I have carried this same product through to use on the programme, again as it will be present on the day of the event, it will be more interactive and interesting for the user. It also makes the product more of a physical object and something to actually take / use than if it was just the double sided printed card.

Back design of programme. Applying the grid to the format created a good area and guide to lay out the information. Keeping the design simple, I was able to split down the design space to fit in all the information and make it legible for the user. Again even though the same grid has been used the design looks different to the previous products. Highlighting different elements of the body copy using the colour palette creates a hierarchy of type within the design and splits it down into the different sections of information. 

As I am taking on the same approach with using the sleeve on this product, similar to the tickets, the front of the product has been designed to work with the sleeve when it is put onto the product. 

Using the images of the designers this identifies with the event and shows that it is about them, having all three of the designers present on different products, creates a variation in the design and makes it not all the same within the same product. Simply applying the title to the design, tells the user what the product is, this is also re-enforced by the information displayed on the programme sleeve. 

Anthony Burrill Design

Jonathan Barnbrook Design

Made Though Design.

Mock up design of the programme with sleeve. The design of the sleeve takes on the same aesthetic as the ticket sleeve, I have used the same layout and design, but tailored it to fit this format as it is slightly bigger due to the size of the programme. Again applying the grid to the sleeve made the layout of the design much stronger and hold a structured style. 

The design will be printed on to the lilac stock, with the type in blue as this works best in contrast to the lilac stock, it will also tie in with the background image. The typ logo will be a vinyl sticker and applied to the sleeve. 

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