Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Brief 15 // DFGA // Student Showcase

Student showcase is the second chapter within the yearbook. This is where all the student work will be displayed. To organise the content, this chapter will run in alphabetical order, this will ensure  everyone is displayed within the yearbook, but also show variation as it won't be categorised.

As an example here are some of the spreads within the student showcase, to show how each of the student pages are built up and the information that will be present within them.

original template

Examples of the student spreads. 

Close up of information, here you can see that each spread contains the student information, project information and contact details. 

Each spread will have this information present, this again will keep the design consistent across the yearbook, but also it gives everyone the same opportunity and creates a set style throughout the pages. 

The layout of the pages are quite simple, but that was the idea behind it, as the images and videos are very detailed and quite varied within each spread, I didn't want the layout of the spread to hinder the artwork or the readability of the spread. The use of the large image area, creates 3 large images within the spreads, this also can be used for video content, which in this instance provides a large video container. The focus of the yearbook is to showcase each students work, having the images / videos this size means that it is the main focus of the template and the on thing that the users will look at when they see the yearbook. 

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