Sunday, 4 May 2014

Brief 16 // Typcircle // Promotional Material Branding Application

As I am creating a large range of products for the promotional material, they all need to work together as a set and one which will clearly advertise the event. Keeping the products consistent across the board is essential to create the brand image and a strong identity.

In order to do this I am going to apply the same elements to each of the products, but tailor the content individually so it fits each of the formats and works best within that area of space I will be working with. Carrying the aesthetic and style from the designer publications will set a consistent style across all the products. I am also going to use the same grid, type and colours throughout everything.


Throughout all the products within the product range, I will use this grid above. This is a 6 column grid with a spacing of 5mm. Applying this grid to all the products will ensure that each one is working with the same structure and will have a coherent style over all the products. The grid will fit each of the different formats and that will change for each products, but it will still create the same aesthetic over all the products. 


The same logos will be used over all the products. The primary logo will change for each of the products, this will only change in the colour variation as it needs to be visible within the artwork and using black may not work all the time - It can be used in either blue / green or white with coloured type. The other logo's will also be used in either blue or green. 

The two typefaces used over the products will be as above. Vidaloka will be used for any headings / logo type. Din regular is for body copy and Din bold is for any sub headings / important information within body copy. Using these three typefaces in this way across all products will create a stylised aesthetic and create a hierarchy of type throughout each of the products. 


Blue and green as the two colours that will be used throughout all the products. Black and white will also be present in some instances. 

Green will mainly be used for headings and sub headings. Blue will be used for background images and body copy. 

The blue works better as a background colour because this picks up the detail in the images better and is more bold as a full block of colour. The green mixed with the images loses detail and makes it less legible. The green also works well over the top of the blue and stand out within the artwork. 

Blue background with green type over the top. Logo's are both used in white as the background colour is dark meaning the black version wont show up. 

Sticking to these guidelines throughout the whole project and applying it to each of the products should create a very strong identity and one which has a consistent style, structure and create a full branded set of products. 

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