Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Brief 15 // DFGA // Chapter Numbers

Within the PDF document there are two sections, the first is about the course the second is the student showcase. Each section has a title page, which is a smaller version of the contents page and links each of the sub pages from that page. Within this page there is a big number for which section it is.

To make the PDF more interesting and inline with the DFGA course, I have come up with the idea of creating a pixel based typeface. As DFGA is very much orientated around computer based outputs and the final outcomes are mainly digital, most being videos - all the work as a common factor, they are all screen based and made up of pixels.

Creating the pixel typeface pulls this idea together and creates a coherent concept to work with the layout of the PDF document. Another factor which will also take on this aesthetic is category icons, these will be pixel based icons that highlight the type of work each student works within.

At the minute I only need the number 1 and 2 for the PDF, but this may be expanded to work within the front / back cover as I haven't designed this part of the document yet.

Each of the numbers is made up from this square pixel. Using this as a basis to the number form, they can easily be built up and the layout of each number will be formed easily and within a constructed grid for each number. Using this same square as the basis for all numbers, will keep them all consistent within the design and create a range of number / letter forms that have a coherent design aesthetic. 

Number 1

Number 2

The number forms placed within the pages of the PDF document. 
Using the square as the basis to the numbers has worked really well, because that has formed a very straight and structured number form, which has a bold aesthetic and stands out within the page layout. The number that have been created work well against the typeface of the content within the spreads too. 

Section 1 - About the course - Section Title Page

Section 2 - Student Showcase - Section Title Page. 

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