Friday, 16 May 2014

Brief 12 // 21st Whisky // Product photography

As the project is based around creating a new and modern whisky, I wanted to show this within the photography of the products. Photographing the products on a white background emphasises the modern aesthetic of the design and product branding. 

To make the product look more realistic and have be understandable, I have used colour water to represent whisky within the bottles and glass. The glass of whisky again adds to the context of the photography and the products and makes the images more understandable and interesting to look at. 

Both bottles - 
Shooting the bottles together shows how the branding and design of the product is kept consistent over the two products, using the products together in these images have made good product shots and ones which showcase the new brand. 

 Individual shots - 
Shooting the bottles on their own, with the corresponding packaging, displays each of the products in their own right. Again this shows how the two products are consistent within the design, The product shots have been varied, when shot singularly, to show some variation within the photography.

Packaging Shots - 
Even though the packaging has been included in all the shots, I have done separate packaging shots so the focus is also on the packaging as this is just as important as the bottle design. Shooting the two packaging boxes together, means I could show different areas of the packaging in an image, this was a great way to showcase the packaging, but also make it more interesting within the shots themselves. 

Supporting Products
Along with the beer labels and packaging, I created a set of supporting products. Theses were an information booklet, which was unique to each type of whisk, a whisky making process poster and the brand specimen All these images are in support to the main projects and help contextualise the branding of the company and the products themselves. 

Process Posters - 

Information Leaflets - 

Brand Specimen - 

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